Eyecon Announces New Feature For Android & iPhone Users- Match Photos

Nowadays, everyone is receiving spam calls. This has become a major issue for all people around the world. Most people stopped picking up the calls because they thought that the call belonged to spam callers. 

In the midst of chaos, the Eyecon app has arrived as a blessing for us. It is known as one of the popular caller ID applications, which has received many new features on both Android and iPhone users. The company keeps on improving the end-user experience by upgrading the features of the app. It offers features within the app that will surely blow your mind.  

The features of the Eyecon app have been rolled out globally, which means no matter where you are, use exciting new features on your mobile device. Match photos are one of the amazing features of the Eyecon app that has come into existence. In addition to this, it also comes up with the call recording feature on Android phones that can be done using the Eyecon app. During the incoming and outgoing calls on your devices, you can see the photos of the person to whom you are connecting. Moreover, the Eyecon app also records calls in your phone storage.   

Whether you are a holder of an Android mobile or iOS phone, Eyecon is an app that you need to install on your phone. Its ultimate features make it the top-most choice among all other apps present around. In fact, the app is filled with features that you even never ever imagine. If you want to check out the coolest Eyecon app features, download the app on your device.  

Do you want to keep your mobile protected? 

With the latest technology trends, there will be a great rise in financial crimes. The scammers do not skip any chance to fraud with the common people. There are many ways by using which they can easily crack the personal information of the people. Most people’s bank accounts are connected with mobile numbers; therefore, it has become a severe concern. The scammers can randomly select the number and then dial it to check if it is true & related to the concerned person. So, it is important to download the call blocking app on your device. 

Where does the Eyecon find Photo-Matches? 

Eyecon app is capable to finds photos via public data on social media websites. The company always working to enhance the system to find the perfect match. Whenever the Eyecon app finds new photos, it will notify you with a ‘+’ on the photo’s icon. 

If you want to keep way to keep your information safe, then it is better to simply ignore the call received from unknown numbers. If you have mistakenly picked up the call from an unknown number, do not speak. Eyecon app is an easy-to-use app, and it helps to identify calls, see photos, names of unmatched callers, & contacts in the phonebook. Thus, it is wise to download the Eyecon app. The addition of the extraordinary features in the Eyecon app makes it a brilliant app.   

Final Words: 

Protect your device from unwanted scam calls by downloading the Eyecon app on your Android or iPhone. Obviously, the spam call is one of the main reasons to download the Eyecon app. The features enable the users to set a reason to use the Eyecon app. If you want to know more about it, visit the official website https://www.eyecon-app.com.  

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