Eyecon App Introduced Call Recording Feature for Android Phone for all! 

Now users can record incoming & outgoing calls by using the Eyecon app. The call recording feature is handy, which is much needed by all. With the introduction of the call recording feature, the users can record calls on their devices that may be stored offline in android phones. 

Technology advancement introduces many new features in mobile apps every day. Eyecon is also started rolling out the features for all its android users. In this blog, we will talk about how to record calls by using the Eyecon app. Call recording functionality helps many people to keep the recording of the calls as proof.  

Most of the time, call recording features are used to record unwanted calls. As scam calls or robocalls are increasing day by day, there is a need for the complete protection of the device. There are many apps by using which you can easily detect the unwanted caller and take the necessary actions.  

Download & install the latest version of this high-end call blocking app to record calls. To check out this feature, you can give a trial in order to check if the recording features are working on your android phone or not. You can also disable the call recording feature if it is of no use to you.   

Let us know more information regarding how to record calls with the Eyecon app! 

Steps to Record Call using Eyecon App 

  • The first step is to download the Eyecon app on the Android phone. 
  • Then navigate to Settings> Accessibility on your phone to allow the Eyecon app to start recording your calls. 
  • You can tap on the option ‘Start Free Trial’ to check the working of this feature. 
  • Make sure you follow all the on-screen guidelines correctly.  
  • Once all the required permissions are granted, the call recording function is enabled. 
  • Start using the Call recording function. 

I hope you will get a clear vision of activating the call recording feature on your call blocking app. It is worth downloading the Eyecon app as its features are amazing. There are many trendiest features of the app that you will know after downloading it. 

Eyecon apps have become one of the top-most choices of many people. The app creates a convenient, visually appealing, & friendly way for people to communicate with others. It can automatically match contacts to pictures. Even if you are getting a call from an unknown number, you will get to know who is calling. In addition to this, it also includes some more intelligent features. All phone users want to keep their information safe from robocalls. Thus, downloading this kind of app offers great benefits for sure.

The Eyecon app will act as a great tool to fight against robot callers. You can download this app for android or iOS devices. Want to explore the latest features of the Eyecon app? Visit the https://www.eyecon-app.com/ website. 

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