Eyecon App’s New Version Brings Exclusive Features

Eyecon has recently announced that it is updating to its latest version. The app regularly adds a new feature that makes it the ultimate phone call management app. Are you looking for solutions to block the unwanted callers? If yes, then download the call blocking app now. 

The new updates of the Eyecon app are quite worthy that is why it is one of the highly recommended apps to be installed on mobile phones. Some of the exclusive features of the Eyecon app include the default dialer, reverse look-ups, you can record calls, it has a can talk? Feature, you could also send a WhatsApp from it without saving the number in your contacts list. 

Eyecon now comes up with the new change in it that the community is looking for. All the app features are outstanding and will surely meet your exact expectations. The Eyecon app is primarily meant for Android and iPhone users. Call recording is one of the high-end features of the Eyecon app, which was most recently introduced.  

Without any doubt, the Eyecon app has been very useful to smartphone users. It is a multipurpose call management app that helps users identify unknown callers. If you install the app, it will help you to detect fraudsters, spam callers and save you from unsolicited calls.  

How Does Eyecon Work? 

The Eyecon app is quite easy to install and use. When you sign up on the Eyecon app, all your information, such as name, phone book contacts, etc. uploaded to the database. Everyone who installs the app will surrender all the contacts in their phone book, & these contacts are uploaded to the server of the Eyecon. After that, all the contacts go through the data matching, & every number is assigned an Eyecon ID. 

The Eyecon app is one of the leading trusted apps that captures the mind of many people. It will give much information that will enable you to know the identity of the unknown caller. So, whenever someone is searching for any unknown number using the Eyecon search, the caller ID related to the number will be displayed. The experts are focused on meeting the demands of its users in any possible way. They use high-advanced techniques and technology to design the app. 

End Words

All these listed features of the Eyecon app will allow people to enjoy & exercise greater control over their communication, offering a safe, fun-filling experience at the same time. The features of the Eyecon app are speaking loudly about its relevance. The unmatched features of the Eyecon app blow the mind of many people. Many people have already installed the app; thus, it has become one of the trustworthy apps to detect spam calls. There are a wide variety of call blocking apps but choosing the Eyecon app is the superior choice as it offers a wide range of benefits to its users. 

For what are you waiting? Download & Install the Eyecon app on your android & iPhone. Keep yourself protected from the unwanted callers by downloading the Caller ID app on your device today!

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