Find Photos for All Your Contacts- Redefined Features of EYECON App

“A thousand words do not leave the same deep impression as a single deed does” – Henrik Ibsen. 

This quote got plagiarized and paraphrased multiple times and became –

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” 

It goes well with Eyecon- the only image-based phone book crafted for the multi-tasking and multi-app era. 

A few years back, Eyecon was founded by Erez Dado and Yuval Samson with the thought of building a better interaction platform for those who have been using their smartphones as their primary mode of contact. In terms of technology, we are doing quite well. However, what Eyecon wants to make is a completely new vision of how the brain functions with information or images, how it responds to them and recognizes things. 

A deep emotional connection is made when we see a picture of any person on our phone’s screen rather than seeing their name. Eyecon combines all these things for you. Therefore, when you explore your contact list, rather than just having the name and numbers, you will see the picture of that person with the help of Eyecon. 

Eyecon Display the Pictures of all your Contacts

Eyecon’s system does not access your personal photos, and it only shows profile pictures if they are already public on your social media accounts.

You can always have the option to remove or modify your picture in the profile settings in Eyecon’s app. It is suitable and helpful to just have a look at your phone’s screen, and you will get to know who is calling you. 

Eyecon automatically adds pictures to your contact, dialer, and address book. It recognizes your contact’s photos to build a picture-based phone book with just one click. It gives you a better experience when you see your people’s pictures whenever you call them or receive a call from them.

The objective of the app is not only to build a picture-based address book, but to act as a tool to keep in touch with your people, and communicate with them regularly. Also, with just a single click, you can connect to Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Whatsapp, LinkedIn, email, Google Hangouts, and many more through Eyecon.

Eyecon Features

Let’s have a look at some of the most popular features of Eyecon:

Add Contacts

The Eyecon app permits you to utilize a built-in caller ID to add to your contact.


You can customize your address book as it gives a variety of themes to use. Moreover, you can even control your contact details and image appearing to someone when you call them. 

Safety & Privacy

Safety is the utmost priority for Eyecon. You are protected from any anonymous or spam calls using the caller ID as it has high-quality photos from the social media identifier.

Eyecon doesn’t compromise your privacy with any third-party app.


It is synced with the social media accounts of the user. So, along with the name and the number, a user’s picture is also presented here in the phone book.

If you are searching for an innovative, more organized, and all-around better app to manage your contact list, Eyecon is the perfect solution for you. You can download Eyecon for android as well as iPhone.

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