Full Covid 19 Help Center by Eyecon

Full Covid 19 Help Center by Eyecon

Today we are helping out just a little in these testing times and have put together a COVID-19 directory for users in India so you can easily find the relevant information to help combat Covid 19. 

Let’s start with some common questions.  A team of five experts have put together a guide to Covid-19 treatment. A lot of people cant reach a hospital for treatment, and it might not always be necessary so they have helped by answering questions like: When you should take an RT-PCR test; what you can do to control Covid-19 symptoms; what is the use of Remdesivir and other drugs, etc. Read on to know more here.  

Some more guidance here about treating yourself and family at home.  There are many questions that Covid positive patients in home-isolation need, or search answers to. Doctors answered the FAQs in detail to clear doubts for those recovering from Covid 19 at home. Read more here.  

For extra guidance, and to speak to someone about your situation, here is a directory of contact details.  We hope these can help you.  

#IndiaFightsCorona COVID-19 – The Indian government has put together all the information you might need, including information on the vaccination drive.  Why not check it out here.

Stay Safe and take care!

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