How Did Eyecon Caller ID Save the Life of My Daughter?

This is the incident that happened with my daughter and us in the month of March, 2020. I decided to bring that to your notice so that nothing alike can happen to you and you won’t go through the same dilemmas again.

No wonder, it took a lot of courage to come up with the decision of writing up this personal story over here. Right away, I’m full of emotions while writing the same as it flashes back everything we went through, but it’s important too to bring into your notice and spread the word of awareness and, of course, passing the gratitude for being our one and only savior – Eyecon Caller ID app.

Let’s start with it! Continue reading.

That day wasn’t the first day my daughter was getting repeated calls over and over again from the number that I was suspicious about for many days. But just like any other day, I believed she would not receive a call. But sadly, it wasn’t the same day as others; rather, it was a day that changed everything.

I still remember waking up a bit late that day and making a brunch for my kids and husband. While having the same, it was that random number ringing again and again on my daughter Alasya’s phone. Giving her a sharp look, I was wondering who the person is doing the same and seeing if she is picking up the call and talking in front of us. But nothing happened like that.

She went to the other room and came back after a while being a bit nervous. That’s when I got that strong feeling of being something wrong and fishy in the meanwhile. But little did I knew it, she will go outside, without telling and informing me, to meet the person from whom she was getting those random calls again and again.

Well, who would have known that it’s someone with wrong intentions calling him, and sadly Alysa would get into his wordings and fall into the trap? Who would know she would go missing on that day?

That’s when our whole world seems upside down. But thank God, that I was keeping a check on here for a month and two, & have taken a note of that number in my phone, or else what would we have done. It scares me until today.

That was when I decided to get that “unknown” number checked on some caller ID app and know who the person behind doing the same is. While researching the same, I came across the Eyecon app and got it installed on my smartphone.

As soon as I got it on my phone, I checked the number on it and got to know his name, photo, and everything else. Guess what? It happens to be one of our neighbors who was planning to kidnap her and having wrong intentions.

We found this out because we rushed over to that place with the police, and fortunately saved the life of our daughter, or else god knows what would have happened with her or other young girls.

Thanks to this super-amazing application for being the actual savior of our life. It’s not just about spam, it’s about knowing who is calling you.

This story was told by an Eyecon user, who asked to remain anonymous.

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