How Does The Default Dialer on Eyecon Help In Screen Incoming Calls?

How many people do you know who actually enjoy talking or using their mobile phones? I think there are few people who are comfortable while using their mobile devices. Nowadays with the increase in unwanted calls or messages, this causes a threat in the mind of every owner of the phone. It is better to be alert while using mobile phones. The mobile companies keep on launching apps that help to protect your devices. They keep on adding features that provide high-level convenience to the users. Eyecon has figured out the common issues that people are facing while accessing their mobile phones. They have recently launched the Eyecon App with unique features.  

High-end features of the Eyecon App

In the Eyecon App, there is a system-level feature to block unwanted calls, and it also comes up with the Screen Incoming Calls feature that blows the mind of many people. This call screening is an amazing option for mobile phones.  

Once you receive the call, you can ask your mobile to do any of the following things: one is to reject the incoming call, and you may have the option to prevent the no. from showing up over the call log and also stop the dialer from displaying the notification. Not only this, but the Eyecon app also empowers an alternative dialer to use its own database of spam numbers and then entirely disregard them. 

The features offered by the Eyecon app are hard to find in other apps. If you want to avoid telemarketers, various phone number abusers, and spam callers reaching you. Then download the Eyecon app for free on your android phones. Frankly speaking, the Eyecon app is not just an unwanted call blocking app, but it is enriched with high-end features that will surely provide you ease to use your mobile phones. 


Get the benefits of Eyecon App Screen Incoming Calls Feature

Do you want to Screen Incoming Calls? If yes, then choose the Eyecon app as it is now rolling out with the feature that will provide you the name, number and photo of any incoming calls. Despite the availability of several apps, the features of the Eyecon App give mobile users a great relief from the Robo or spam calls.  

The new Eyecon app is now available for all Android & iPhone devices. They have already become the default dialer for many phones. This can be an important new edition of the app on your mobile. Do not feel frustrated from the unknown numbers calls. The Eyecon app comes up as the greatest blessing for all of us. It is an all-in-one solution for many mobile-related issues. If you want to know more about the features of the Eyecon App, you can visit the website. The Eyecon app is the only picture-based phone book that is for multi-tasking. This app will also let you know about who you are likely to call right away. Choose the right app for your mobile and start accessing your phone with ease. 

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