How to Keep Unwanted & Robocalls to a Minimum in iPhone?

Are you tired of getting annoying spam calls back to back? If yes, then you must be glad to know that you have already reached the best place. Here you will get to know how to limit the robocalls or unwanted calls. With the outbreak of the covid-19, people are complaining about the robocalls as they are continually getting unwanted calls at a rapid pace. Even the government is trying their level best to limit robocalls, but still, there seems no way to get rid of the unwanted calls.  

Keep yourself protected from nuisance calls

In fact, there are legal measures that are being passed & put in place to save the consumers from robocalls. The best way to deal with robocalls or unwanted calls is to avoid them simply. Do not receive the spam calls as they can track your calling record and then use it for the wrong purpose later on. Moreover, be careful if you are talking with some unknown person, do not give any information about yourself, even you are forced to tell. There are many ways to protect yourself from nuisance calls.   

Robocalls have become a great problem. Even the mobile carriers are themselves providing the services to consumers in order to block them. Some people may miss the important calls as they think that this call is a spam call, so that they may ignore it. Moreover, it is dangerous to receive spam calls nowadays because scammers use the latest technologies to steal the details of the people to misuse them later on. 

Some practices which one must keep in mind to limit the robocalls or unwanted calls 

Acc. to the FCC, here are some of the easy steps which you can take to minimize the robocalls: 

  • Try to avoid answer the calls from unknown numbers. 
  • Never answer calls from numbers that are unrecognized. 
  • Always be alert if you receive a call from an unknown number; never assume the incoming call is always from a local number. Sometimes it looks local number, but actually, it is a robocall. 
  • If you have picked the call mistakenly, then don’t respond to any questions or never reply with Yes. 
  • In case someone calls you or claims you to be with some company name, then simply drop the call. 
  • The best way to deal with unknown calls is to ignore it. Do not say ‘Hi’. This is because if you picked the call, then the spammers get the idea that the number is real. The spammers may misuse your number by selling it to another company.  

Summing up Words:

Though the tips shared by the FCC are quite useful and effective, but still the robocalls are quite annoying. In order to deal with the unwanted or robocalls. Download the Eyecon app on your iPhone. This is a highly functional and well-designed app to block spam calls. This is an app that consists of a remarkable feature. It has been designed by using the latest technology. 

Download the Eyecon app now! It is free to download, and it helps to improve the android or iPhone dialer. Make your communication better by downloading the Eyecon app on your iPhone today.

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