iOS and Android Users: The New Picture Phone Book Is Here!

Hundreds of applications are available for phone verification over the internet. But no application can match the level that Eyecon sets around.

The Eyecon app is available for both Android and IoS users. There are many options to explore, and you can choose any of the options as a user whether you want to start/stop sharing location or set up permanent sharing with the selected contacts. If a user got trapped in an emergency situation, the app needs to be tapped to notify the contacts about your location and sharing.

The team has recorded a proven track of building great experiences and gave a warm welcome to millions of new active users.

Now, Eyecon has just released the intuitive picture phonebook that is simple, smart, customizable, and helpful.

Despite today’s advanced technology, nothing has been done to make the mobile experience more intelligent, relevant, and personal for the billions of people who use it on a regular basis.

There is no one living on earth who is not using a mobile phone.  For the growing list of corporate relationships, it is now mandatory to add everyone to your list, and that has already been executing through Eyecon, but keeping a pictured phonebook can be your best personal asset.

Eyecon started being the application to identify numbers and block unwanted calls. Still, we got to know how people want to replace their phone books over the phone with an added picture of the relevant contact number. In fact, many people don’t even bother to save phone numbers, as they want to entirely rely on the ability of an application like Eyecon to get the right contact information and recognize the name of that contact number.

The app has now been redesigned to provide the best and easy discovery along with its simple navigation. You would definitely have lesser memory consumption. So, this new Eyecon feature would certainly and completely transform your phone book experience with a set of features that are already improving your life in the best ways.

This was a natural transition in how users used the Eyecon app. Today, you can get all the current information you need about individuals and companies without ever leaving the app.

Its features include:


It will smartly help in recognizing the communication preferences of every individual in the contact list.


It would become simple to communicate via both messaging and calling from a single dialer.


It can be easily set up or provide customization to show you the contact you likely need to change.


This lets you automatically match the contacts to the pictures.

A phonebook or directory is something that cannot be avoided at any time. This is because you have to call your colleague on the weekdays and your friend on the weekends. This is best for the Ios and Android users both, so don’t just stay on number only; use the pictures that would be retrieved automatically once you update.

 Make this Eyecon application your favourite app for safe and best networking!

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