New Feature: The Default Dialer

At Eyecon, we have been working on something that we think you’ll like.  It’s something you have asked us over and over again to add to the Eyecon app, and we finally launched it, especially for you.  Have you seen it yet?

Yes, we have added to the Eyecon app, the new Default Dialer – it’s here and ready for you to use.  If you haven’t seen it already, then simply update your app in the Google Play Store and you’ll see it on your next incoming call! 

Why did we make this big change? Well, for one, you guys asked for it, but more importantly, we want to make the Eyecon app as intuitive as humanly possible, and native to your phone as much as we can, and so we felt the default dialer was the most important step in making the eyecon app part of your life.  It’s the only true caller function that allows you to see who is calling.  

Have you seen it yet? Download or update Eyecon in the google play store and start receiving calls. Use the no.1 app for a true caller ID to identify calls and see photos and names of unknown calls and contacts in your phone book by only clicking on our icon.  4.6* App

What will you get? 

You will see a full-screen photo caller ID when your friends and family call so you can now see who is calling & answer the calls you want.  This way, you always speak to the right people in your busy day and don’t waste your time on spam calls.  With the new default dialer, you can block spam calls forever! 

Don’t forget the awesome features you get with Eyecon and its top-rated caller ID, calls, and Phone Contacts app: You get Full-Screen Caller ID ✔️ Block Spam Calls ⛔️ Intuitive Default Dialer with Full-Screen Photos 🔥 Access to Caller’s Social Network While in-call 😎 Easy Reverse Lookup 📞 Top Rated App 🥇

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