New Version of Eyecon can automatically add Full-Screen Photos to Contacts

Are you finding a solution to block spam calls? In that case, you might need some amazing app in your smartphone. To be honest, you’re not the only one; there are many seeking an ideal solution to block all these irritating unwanted calls & messages. But now, there is no need to worry about spam calls as there are many call blocking apps available in the market.  

You can download the call blocking app of your choice on your mobile phone. 

Have you heard about the Eyecon app? It is one of the high-rated call blocking apps that can do multiple tasks for its users.  

I hope my words will add curiosity to your mind about the latest features of the Eyecon app. However, most of the features of the Eyecon app are doing wonders and provide satisfaction to its users. But there is one feature of the app which grabs the attention of many people. This app can automatically add photos to your contacts. And you may also link your favorite messaging & calling apps for immediate and easy access.  

Feel the difference by downloading Eyecon app on your mobile

Most of the features of the Eyecon app are hard to find in any other app. Though the company has focused on the call blocking feature, they keep on modifying the features to provide a great user experience. With the help of social media, the Eyecon app can identify your contact’s photos to create a photo-based address book. When you use the app, you can see the friend’s photos as full-screen photos while dialing or receiving calls. 

The reverse lookup feature is one of the greatest features to search & find the names and photos of unknown numbers. You can connect to WhatsApp, Facebook with just a single click. If you want to see the exact features of the Eyecon app, download it on your mobile and start enjoying it. The features of the Eyecon app are unmatched. You can see & call for a better phone book & iPhone dialer.  

Download the right app for a better user experience

Eyecon app regularly adds a new feature that helps to create the ultimate phone call management app. The Eyecon app is looking for new ways to provide a great user experience and stand alone in the market.  As every contact deserves a photo, for this you have to take control of your contacts. By adding pictures to the contacts in your mobile is a great way to make your loved ones in your life more recognizable. By downloading the right app, things become easy and convenient for you.    

Are you searching for a call blocking app which can automatically add photos to contacts? Choose the Eyecon app as it supports both iOS and Android devices. Link with your favorite messaging & calling apps for easy access now by downloading the Eyecon app. However, it is a multitasking app that can resolve your many problems. 

Looking for a smarter and all-around better way to handle contacts, download Eyecon for your phone. For detailed information regarding the Eyecon app, visit its official website.   

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