Now record phone calls on the Eyecon app: Here is how to do it?

With the advancement of technology, companies keep on upgrading the features of the apps. Nowadays, there is a sudden rise in the usage of mobile phones, so people install apps as per their choices and needs. Thus, scam calls are rising, so there is a great need for call blocking apps.  

Are you getting spam calls every day? You are not the only one as most of us are getting unwanted calls on the regular basis. Eyecon app is the perfect choice for this problem. 

Many companies have designed call blocking apps, wherein some of them are quite useful. Eyecon app is one of the trendiest call blocking apps that allows you to block unwanted calls. Though there are several apps similar to Eyecon, the reality is that most of the apps do not come with the caller ID feature. Not only this, it can also record the calls with ease.  

If you are fed up with the existing apps, it would be a great choice if you look for an alternative solution. Eyecon seems to be the best option as it comes with extraordinary features. It has become one of the most downloaded caller ID apps. With the help of the Eyecon app, users can identify calls easily and can view photos & names of unknown callers.   

Undoubtedly, Eyecon is considered the best caller ID, phone dialer, & it contains a photo-based address book. It has become the first choice of many people due to its intuitiveness and simplicity.  

The users of the Eyecon app can keep their personal information safe as it alerts its users from spam or robocalls. One more additional feature is rarely found in any call blocking app ‘Can you talk’ feature’. By using the Eyecon app, you can easily find out if your contacts are available before calling. The features of the Eyecon app are unmatched, and there are reverse lookup features by which you can see the pictures & names of unknown callers. The users can check out the photos and names of the unknown callers before making the call. 

Eyecon app has an elegant UI, and it is easy to use. If you want to protect yourself from anonymous phone calls & spam, download the Eyecon app. Simply log in to the Eyecon app using your phone number; thus, there is no lengthy registration process. This also allows its users to sync the WhatsApp, Facebook, messaging app in just one click. It comes with a high-quality automatic call recording feature that works on incoming and outgoing calls. The calls are kept on the device for 7 days, and after that, they will be deleted in case they are not saved. Thus, it is a fantastic call recording app; download it on your device and start enjoying its high-end features today. There is no contradiction that Eyecon is associated as one of the best Caller ID app. Want to keep your mobile safe and use it with ease? Download the Eyecon app on your device by visiting the website. 

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