Robocalls and Spamcalls in the USA are Going to Continue: Want to Know Why?

Have you reached the point when you cannot answer your phone just because of robocalls or scams? Of course, most of us have already arrived at this point!  

Robocalls & scam calls bother us; they may breach our privacy, break off our focus. How to eliminate robocalls & and spam calls? This has become one of the biggest issues nowadays. One cannot even imagine the problem created by robocalls & and spam calls. It has been researched that there are about 31 billion robocalls were recorded in the US in the year 2017, and it was around 29.3 billion in 2016, as per the report shared by YouMail. 

Robocalls or spam calls, these types of unwanted calls seem quite annoying. In fact, some spam calls are related to crimes that may happen. There is about 25 percent of calls come from scammers who are just seeking victims in order to defraud money, information identification, or both. Thus, everyone is so conscious of the unknown calls nowadays. 

Do you think that reporting spam calls to the government help? 

Some people might think that reporting the government about the spam callers may help to stop the problem. Unfortunately, this won’t help you exactly. But if you will file a report with the FTC, it may help the government to identify some commonly used tactics used by spammers. It may prevent some of the victims from being targeted. But this problem is not so small which can be handled easily. Because the government does not have sufficient technological resources which help to stop spam calls for good purposes. Therefore, it is one of the main reasons why robocalls and spam calls in the USA are going to continue. 

With the increase in the number of crimes due to the robocalls and spam calls in the USA, the government is definitely considered it as the major issue and wants to adopt new methods to stop it.  The spammers use all types of spoofed numbers to trick the victims, wherein it is a good idea to download the ‘EyeCon app’ on your mobile phones. This is one of the recent developments that happened. It will surely provide a great level of security to your mobile from the Robocalls and Spamcalls. 

Well-featured EyeCon Spam Call Blocking App  

EyeCon App is one of the best alternatives to Spam Calls. It is a powerful app that will surely help to protect your phone from unwanted calls. This is an exclusive app as it offers ample powerful features, such as it has a solid caller ID feature; thus, it can easily filter unwanted calls. This app also provides the feature that you can keep calendar & dialects at the same place, thus making the calls easy as you need. Not only this, you will get many more unmatched features which you will get to know once you will download the ‘EyeCon App’ on your mobile phones.   

Connect With Us Today 

You can download the EyeCon application for free. To grab the super-amazing mobile application, visit at You can also mail us via for any kind of assistance.  

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