Seamlessly Filter out Junk Messages: With Eyecon SMS Spam Filtering


  • We motivate the need for content-based SMS spam filtering.
  • Feel the similarities between email and SMS spam filtering techniques.
  • Avail the dataset of the SM spam messages.

Are you eager to filter unwanted messages coming from unknown numbers?

We should admit that we are getting a number of annoying messages via SPAM and usually don’t even care or read them. It is really frustrating to hear the ringing of the messages and sometimes, in the middle of something really important, we have to run to the phone. And, when we see it, we feel more frustrated. Ugh!! 

Coming to the real problem, 

SMS Spam is real and is causing problems all around just because of the availability of cheap and bulk messaging packages through bulk SMS gateway providers in India. Spammers pick the SMS services because of their higher response rates, being the most trusted and personal service. But recognizing such deeds, companies came to rescue the users’ safety.  This way, Eyecon entered with the SMS spam filtering techniques that take over the issues as well as solutions from the email spam filtering. Furthermore, because SMS messages are very brief, content-based spam filters’ efficiency may be harmed.

Short Message Services (SMS) popularity provided an ideal atmosphere for spamming. Due to the fixed size of text messages and the presence of noisy components such as slang and symbols, SMS spam filters are not as straightforward to create as email spam filters.

Like the junk emails filtered into a certain Spam folder, the users don’t need to waste their time deleting unwanted messages manually from the device. It permits them to communicate safely as well as efficiently with the people or the services that matter most to them.

“Eyecon blocks millions of spam SMS weekly.”

People are certainly going to thank us for the feature as they will be capable of filtering out the junk SMS without any worry. We have made a powerful tool to filter the junk and spam SMS automatically, which has been raised SPAM highly a number of times.

With our usability-based approach, we have reduced the spams up to a significant number and conclude the filtering to be performed on individual mobile phones registered with us.

With this outstanding release, users will no longer see the spam messages in the main list of their Messaging application. Infact, they will be divided into sections like that of emails. Many messages look-a-like have been used for spamming these days.

Without any more delay, connect Eyecon and protect yourself from spammers. Eyecon has now made it simpler to filter those irritating marketing mailers, spam, and advertising from those creepy people. It is particularly for those whose daily activities include instant messaging and phone conversations. You can set rules to clean your inbox of unwanted information by configuring our applications and syncing them.

Connect with us today to know more about the Eyecon SMS Spam Filtering techniques and the outcomes!

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