Suddenly Getting Lots of Spam Calls. Don’t worry, Eyecon App is all Set to Help You! 

Whenever my phone rings, I usually get scared by estimating that the call must belong to the telemarketers or Robo caller. Robocalls are increasing day by day, which is really frustrating. Bad calls may make your day worse. However, it is always better to avoid unwanted calls. Spam callers use different tactics to fool the general public. Sometimes the scam callers talk about- offering some discounts, start discussing the personal banking details and whatnot.  

Sometimes it may happen that our phone rings, but we cannot recognize the number. We may decide to take the call anyway. Unfortunately, the experience we have insist on us not answering the phone calls anymore. Many people are looking out for the best ways to stop unwanted calls. Is it possible to prevent getting spam calls? The answer is ‘Yes.’ There are many ways to detect and figure out the unwanted caller wherein the most preferred method which people are using is to download the call blocking app.  

Let us discuss how to block unwanted phone calls on your smart mobile! 

Block Calls from Unwanted Numbers on Android Devices 

Nowadays, mobile phones have developed with an in-built feature to block unwanted calls. It is among the simplest ways to block spam calls. 

To block the specific number, choose the number. Finally, tap on the block button to block. In order to proceed, let us follow the following steps: 

  • Tap on the ‘Settings’ icon from your mobile phone. 
  • Then choose the blocking icon. 
  • Finally, select to block all the unwanted numbers except desirable contacts.  

The icons or processing steps may vary based on the mobile device which you are using, but most of the steps to block the calls are usually same to block the calls.  

Avoid Unwanted Calls on iPhone Devices

Few mobile phones possess extraordinary features. Easy ways to fix the calls from the specific unknown number on iPhone device are as follows: 

  • Open the phone app. 
  • Then Tap on the Recent button. 
  • Press info icon. 
  • Click on a block to stop getting calls from the unwanted caller. 

There is also one more way to avoid unknown calls on an iPhone, including selecting settings and then tap on the phone. Click on the Enable silence unknown caller option. This feature will help to automatically silence all calls from unknown numbers. These calls are even sent to voicemail.  

Knowing the different ways to stop unwanted calls can be quite beneficial. But, nowadays, the most preferred method that people are using is to download the Eyecon app on their smartphones. It is one of the well-featured apps designed to stop unidentified calls. It is the only picture-based phone book designed for multi-tasking.  

Are you looking for ways to stop the unwanted calls? Visit the website and check the unmatched features of the Eyecon app. Trust us; we will never let you feel down. 

Download the app now and make a perfect bridge between you and spam caller!

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