Tired Of Caller ID Spoofing – Know Who’s on the Line with Eyecon!

Random unwanted calls from different numbers happen to come all day long. Too often, they bug us during office hours, interrupt while we’re with our special someone, and sometimes wake us up while having a sound sleep. Considerably, it’s a complete nuisance! But did you know that it could be scam calling as well? These calls may include robocalls, solicitor calls, fake calls, spoofed calls, and more. 

Did you know, according to FCC, in 2018, of all the complaints that have been reported, 4 million of them were found to be robocalls? Terrible, isn’t it? 

Phone Number Spoofing – What’s that? 

Well, that’s when Robo callers mask/hide their original contact numbers. Yes, that’s right. This spoofing hides the number from where you are actually receiving the call and will show the call coming from some different number. In short, the actual number is hidden by the wrong one. 

And in case if you try to reach back on them, you won’t be ever able to connect the original caller. Well, no matter what, this needs to stop right away!!!!! 

Nevertheless, higher-authorization are trying their level best to tackle these callers for the sake of our privacy and many other concerns, but till then, we’re required to be a bit more cautious. 

Just note that while having such calls follow these below-mentioned steps to avoid being a victim – 

Never share your personal details to any caller demanding your bank as well as personal details. 

If you ever get a query, mentioning themselves from a government or any other private authorization, seeking for your information like a bank statement, credit card details – just never ever provide them or else you will get yourself stuck into some major problem in the forthcoming days. 

How to Get Rid Of This Dilemma and Save YOURSELF from Being a Victim? 

Extra-cautiousness and a robust caller ID application is what you actually need to deal with such situations. The Caller ID apps are helplimit the spooking calls you receive. 

Eyecon – Spam Call Blocking App 

If getting continuous copious calls are bothering you adversely, Eyecon is here at your disposal to help you deal with all such dilemmas. 

Install the app and get to know who’s calling you (with their photos and names), even before you get a call from someone. Make everything simpler, and more accessible to you – by simply clicking on one icon and bringing everything together in one place. 

Characteristics of Eyecon Application

  • The only picture-based phone book intended for the multi-app generation 
  • It’s all-in-one intuitive nature 
  • Enables you to communicate super-fast 
  • The unique reverse lookup feature 
  • Freephone dialer & address book 

Download the Eyecon application for free to deal better with such calls and better communication. Check out the links here:

Connect With Us Today 

To know more about this super-amazing and robust mobile application, reach us at http://www.Eyecon-app.com or shoot an email at support@Eyecon-app.com if you need assistance or have a suggestion. 

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