We All Get Them! Now It’s Time To Learn How To Block Calls

How many spam calls are you getting every day? We bet it’s a lot and that’s not great! It’s annoying, time-consuming filtering them out, and you often miss the calls you want to answer because you assumed that ring was another spam call.  

Well, why not use our blocking calls feature at Eyecon? It’s simple to use and will make life so much easier, allowing you to only answer the calls from loved ones, and not all the telesales and spam callers.  

Eyecon’s block call list ensures that you control your phone, not spam calls! 

Here is a step by step guide, from inside the app.  If you don’t have the app yet, download it here now.  

Blocking phone numbers can be done through several methods:

From the main menu on the home screen of the Eyecon app. You can also block a contact that is saved in your phone by taking the following steps: 

Simply, open the home or history screen -> Scroll to find the contact -> single tap on the middle section -> tap on the profile icon -> tap on ‘more’ -> tap on ‘block’ 

Another way is to Block a number from the ‘Add contact screen’ that also appears after phone calls, from the button on the top left.

But perhaps the most important is where you can Block a number that is not in your contacts – follow these steps: 

Open the history screen -> Scroll to find the contact -> single tap on the middle section -> tap on the add contact icon -> at the top left, there is a ‘block number’ icon -> the number will be added to the block list-> tap the block button 

Choose your block method and save numbers to your list to ignore or decline calls.

Once you’ve blocked a contact you will see the block icon on his / her profile and you can always click on it to unblock the contact.

If you don’t have the app yet, make sure to search the google play store for Eyecon, or Eyecon: Caller ID, Calls and Phone Contacts.

Lets stop spam calls for good! 

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