What Is Eyecon?

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Although there are several apps similar to Eyecon, the reality is that most apps don’t come close this visual caller ID. This is especially true since most app drain mobile phone batteries by around 5% to 10%. Moreover, some apps also show advertisement in the caller ID.

If you are fed up with the existing apps, it would be best to start looking for a viable alternative. Eyecon might be the best option for you if you want to enjoy the features while avoiding the frustrations of typical apps. It is one of the most downloaded caller ID app with more than 45+ million users and a rating of 4.6+.

With Eyecon, users can identify calls and view photos and names of both unknown callers and saved contacts. Read on to learn more about Eyecon.

What is Eyecon?

Simply put, Eyecon is the best caller ID, phone dialler, and photo based address book. The app has become one of the most downloaded app thanks to its intuitiveness and simplicity. Eyecon also learns according to the user’s needs and preferences.

With Eyecon, users can get in touch with their contacts through their favourite social networks and messaging apps. What is more, users can use the app to make calls. Use the “can you talk” feature to find out if your contacts are available before calling. Users can also use premium features like reverse lookup to see the pictures and names of unknown callers. You do not have to pick up unknown call when you use Eyecon. Simply check the photos and names of the unknown callers to be sure before making the call.

Eyecon Interface

Eyecon has an elegant yet simple UI. The interface is divided into three sections, namely home, history, and profile. Here is a closer look at these three sections:


This interface contains the recently dialled numbers and some of your favorite’s callers.


The history section is divided into missed calls and all calls. You can opt to see both incoming and outgoing calls by choosing the “All” option. Select the “Missed Calls” options if you prefer to see the list of missed calls. This interface supports both the list and grid views.


The interface profile allows users to set their name and profile picture.

Eyecon Features

Let us look at the amazing benefits of Eyecon below:


The Eyecon has a caller ID that has high quality photos from social media identifiers. You will be protected from anonymous phone calls and spams using the caller ID.


Eyecon does not sync with any third party social media network. All you need to do is to login using your phone number and avoid any lengthy registration process.

Enjoy Visual

When you use the Eyecon, you will see the names and the photos of your contacts and of the unknown callers. A photo based address book and dialler is created since it is synced with social media channels.


Picture phonebook allows you to customize your address book since it offers a variety of themes. You can control your contact information and image appearing in your friend’s phone when you call them.

Availability Checker

You can find out if your friends are free when you use the Eyecon. It offers a feature that allows other people to either answer your call, respond they are busy or call you back immediately.

Add Contacts

The Eyecon allows you to use built in caller ID to add your new contact, the name and photo.


This app icon allows you to sync your WhatsApp, Facebook, messaging, LinkedIn and Skype using one click.

There is no denying that Eyecon is one of the best Caller ID out there. Visit Google Play Store and Apple Store to install this intuitive app and get more control.

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