What is Toki?

You use Eyecon every day, but have you been using one of our newest features? This new feature makes communication easy and that’s always a welcomed idea. Check out Toki,, a more manageable communication way to make quick snaps of communication with loved ones and your other connections. Learn more about Toki below.

More about Toki App

The feature is based on the walkie-talkies idea. It works in the same manner; and its already into the app. You will also need the people you plan to communicate with to install the app on their phones. When you do, you will get to do quick voice conversations with your friends or family without having to make calls.  All within the Eyecon app.  

How to use Toki

The best way to use the feature is by selecting the friend that you are planning on conversing with and then press the Toki Icon within the app to connect with them. If they are online, they will hear what you want to tell them. Once you release the button, they can respond to your conversation. The app works just like a walkie-talkie.

The best part about this app is that you can also connect with other people and be a part of group conversations. Toki allows you to communicate with up to nine people per call. That makes it easy if you are planning to talk with people on the same topic. Rather than call each one of them one-by-one, you can simply make one call and converse. Those in the conversations can also respond to what you are saying. This saves time that you might use to communicate.

Toki can be used by family, friends, and even businesses. At these pandemic times, most people are working from home. That makes it challenging to communicate, and at times, it is not possible to get all at once. But with the Toki app, all you will need is to invite them into the conversation. Since people hardly ever leave their phones behind, you can be sure that this is one of the effective ways to pass on your message.

What if someone is unavailable?

In case you are trying to talk with someone, but find that they are not available, they will get a message that you are not available or that the connections did not succeed. On the other end, your friend or colleague will get a message that you tried to connect to them.

Real-time location sharing

With Toki, you can share honest time location sharing. That makes it easy for you to know where your family members are, especially if you have kids. It is also an excellent option for business people. Since the app will quickly show you the whereabouts of all members, you can easily plan a meeting at a central location or assign a task depending on the employees’ location.


Communication has never been this easy; say goodbye to dialing and start a Toki conversation. Whether you are doing it with your partner, kids, colleagues, you can be sure you will enjoy using this application.

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