Why Your Team Needs Eyecon Today More Than Ever!

We could imagine the wave of information we are receiving double-fold every year. With our busy schedules, it’s no surprise that we tend to forget our day-to-day running tasks. But, Eyecon has brought up all such features that help track the information for you and give you a seamless user experience by making you stay on the top!

You know the obvious choice and the most forgotten category is birthdays, effective reminders. You might wish to ask a question or send a “done” message to your team member. But wait a minute; we all want our private time to be respected. Eyecon allows you to book a message for the future, same as how you would be scheduling an email, so you don’t have to worry about calling someone at the wrong moment.

You’d want to ask your team member a question or send that “it’s done” message. But hold for a second; we all want our personal time to be respected. You can plan a message for the future on Eyecon, just as you can schedule an email, so you don’t have to worry about catching someone at the wrong moment.

There is a use case where you can be working late because of your entrance in the state of “flow.”

Eyecon is the first and only picture-based phone book intended for today’s multi-tasking, multi-app era.

It makes it easy for you to know who is calling you. It is certain that this app is going to change the world.

When working in corporate life, people are busy. They don’t have time to attend every call, and therefore, they require bypassing the spam to connect with your customers.

• Serves verified calls:

To prevent fraudsters from abusing your brand name, create a verified Eyecon business profile. At the same time, you’re making your prospects and customers aware that the call is genuine.

• Setting up your brand name:

Add your brand name and logo to your company profile to protect your brand’s identity. Infact, Eyecon users cannot touch any information of yours in terms of editing. As a result, brand recognition is ensured. So, it is good for the people working in a team.

• Best data analytics:

To detect similar calling patterns and drive actionable data insights to optimize call pickups, have access to complete data on listed numbers, call analytics and spam assistance with Eyecon.

• Improved call pick up rate:

Customers can tell this is a legitimate call by the large company name and logo and a validated badge, which improves the call pick-up rate.

We have a separate section for FAQ, where you can find all possible solutions and queries related to account & profile, caller ID & spam, Dialer.

Therefore, to deliver an effortless customer experience, Eyecon ensures the best updates, timely and consistent customer support at every step of best customer engagement solutions. All the solutions available and seem to be available on the Eyecon platform are customer-oriented and result-focused engagement.

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