Your Number Is Your Brand! 5 Best Features for Eyecon Users

There have been no caller ID and dialer apps that are the same – of course, not each of them stands out in the crowd among a sea of other accessible options. 

There Are many reasons behind that! 

Nevertheless, better interface and better interaction are two of them. 

However, among so many other options available in the market, Eyecon stands tall in that list! Well, glad for the same.

It’s being loved and cherished by over millions and even more of people and suspected to be the next BIG thing in the impending. Well, thanks to its sheer abilities, functionalities and makers for producing something exceptional that transforms the default phone app into an interactive communication centre.

Eyecon has been extremely useful mobile application, working in filtering spam calls, and texts. Probably the best part that’s leading it to success is continuously getting more functionality added to it to render amazing user amazing across the globe.

In this write-up, we’re addressing the perks of adding this wonderful addition into your smart phones. Go through them and we’re sure you will certainly enjoy using the same.

Top 5 Perks of the Eyecon App

Eyecon app places everything at one common place –

Embedding the latest technologies and methods, this app combines all the different worlds and elements such as contact list management, caller ID, dialer application and all other streams of communication at one common place, making it super easy for users to see the name and photo of a person before even getting the phone ringed.

It will never make you touch the dialer back –

This super-amazing app has got all-in-one communication covered and fully intuitively – it looks out on your recent activities and makes everything seamless in the app, giving you positive changes by default. The best part is it makes your address book seem more appealing and pleasing to everyone else in your contact list. You can see your mum calling, versus the word “mom”. Much more heart warming isn’t it?

Let’s you communicate super quickly –

One can make that special moment with that special someone via it. Honestly, it is not at all about what all the time, it’s about “who” and of course, it is more than a call always, it’s about the person. One can chat with the tribe with your special someone with all the safety and surety.

Safeguards you –

This amazing app has got everything that is needed to protect you from all the spam as well as anonymous phone calls. The best part about this Eyecon app is it’s based on Facebook and many other social media identifiers, which lets you see the actual photos and limit all the random calls from backend.

Simple to register –

This intuitive application is super easy to install and free to register in your phone. For that, all you need is to install the app, login to it by just adding your contact number, with or without syncing your contacts. Boom, here you have got access to one of the best and top caller ID app. Rated 4.6* out of 5* on the play store!

So, here are some top features of Eyecon app, which makes it stand out from other available options.

So, what have you been waiting for? Get access to it today!

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