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Eyecon’s founders, Yuval and Erez, worked together at several leading international communications companies before discovering that they shared a passion: challenging the traditional tools that dictate the way we communicate with each other. They set out together to create a multi-featured tool to make it easy and fun to stay in touch with the people we want to talk to — and just as easy to ignore the people we don’t. It was time to bring the two-decade-old paradigms up to date, appealing to today’s more engaged and active mobile phone users.

They built some intriguing technology, garnered enthusiastic feedback from everyone they showed it to, and in 2020 brought on Ken — a seasoned technology executive, as CEO of the company. The vision: To create a product that incorporates Community, User Centricity, and Empowerment, aimed at delighting today’s generation with visual caller ID and spam blocking.

The result quickly and virally caught on, with a user base of over 60 million and growing across the globe.


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