For Eyecon’s caller ID to work, you must have a 3G or WiFi connection.

If you are still having issues, please try following one of these sets of instructions to enable permissions for our caller ID to work properly:

Phone Settings –> Application Manager –> Eyecon –> ‘Show Notifications’

Security –> Auto start –> Enable Eyecon.

Security –> Permissions –> Permissions –> Eyecon –> Display pop-up window –> Accept.

Notifications –> Manage Notifications –> Eyecon –> Show Floating Notifications.

Power management –> Background app management –> Enable our apps.

Notification Manager –> Dropzone –> Eyecon – Enable.

Battery –> Details -> Find Eyecon -> turn it off

Settings -> Sound & Notification -> App notification or Notification access -> find Eyecon and enable (relevant for OS 6.0 users)

Please write to us at if these solutions do not work for you.

Caller ID Is Not Working (Xiaomi MI Max 3I)

Please follow these steps if you are having difficulty enabling caller ID on your Xiaomi MI Max 3:

Device settings > Apps > Eyecon > other permissions > Appear above lock screen